Dev-for-Operations Model, First Release

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NGPaaS is developping a new Dev-for-Operations model to remove the vertical barriers that create isolated silos, not only between different teams of the same organisation or organisations of the same industry, but also between different industries (vendor, IoT/Vertical, operator). The project just released a report on this: D3.1: Initial Dev-For-Operations Model specification.

NGPaaS Organize Workshop in BMSB 2018 on microservices

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NGPaaS is organizing a workshop in IEEE BMSB 2018:  Accelerating Microservices, Design and Development.

The aim is to bring together leading researchers in both academia and industry, and to provide a forum for researchers from diverse backgrounds to share their views on design and development of microservices-based cloud-native 5G system and applications, and to have an open dialogue on the delivery pipeline and its acceleration research. The goal is to identify key cloud-native enablers and technologies that can deliver significant performance, capacity, coverage, and user-experience improvements in future high performance microservice development and operational environments.




NGPaaS 3rd Face-to-Face Project Meeting in University of Ghent, IMEC, BE

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It has been a busy week for the NGPaaS consortium. On Thursday 14th December we concluded our third face-to-face project meeting hosted at the University of Ghent (BE). Very good technical discussion covering the ambition of NGPaaS: Telco grade, FGPA, Abstraction, IoT, PaaS, Slicing, Hybrid Cloud, PoC, Dev For Operations, MSP, Unikernel, Container, PoP…