5G-PPP Architecture WG:  5G Architecture White Paper Revision 2.0 

5GPPP Architecture WG has released “5G Architecture White Paper v2.0”. This paper highlights the key 5G architecture design recommendations from 5GPPP Phase 1.

Section 5 (Led by SuperFluidity project) introduces the Reusable Function Block that we are adopting and generalizing in NGPaaS.

To download the paper, please click here.


5G-PPP Automotive WG:  White Paper ‘A study on 5G V2X Deployment.

The WG released a white paper to MWC 2018 entitled: ‘A study on 5G V2X Deployment’. This paper provides first insights into the deployment models for 5G Vehicle to Anything (V2X). NGPaaS (via Nokia Bell-Labs France and Virtual Open Systems) contributed in Section 2 by describing the different stakeholders in the automotive business case and by proposing the vehicle as infrastructure business model described in section 2.2. Three business models in that area are described. A Press release from 5G-IA has been prepared for MWC 2018 related to the white paper release.

To download the paper, please click here.