EuCNC 2019

NGPaaS at EuCNC 2019

A lot of new results have been shown, presented and demonstrated at EUCNC this year!

  1. 3 Papers presented:
    1. Veitch, P. et al., “An NGPaaS Framework for Enriched and Customized Virtual Network Functions-as-a-Service”.
    2. Paolino et al., “vFPGAmanager: A Hardware-Software Framework for Optimal FPGA Resources Exploitation in Network Function Virtualization”.
    3. Kevin ‘EuCNC2019 – Special Session about “5G trials for vertical industries” “Definition and Evaluation of Latency in 5G with Heterogeneous Use Cases and Architectures”


  • Organizing and Chairing the second edition of the now successful ‘From Cloud-ready to Cloud-native transformation‘ workshop series. This year focus was on Cloud-Native transformation existing barriers such as human transformation, need for standard and market maturity. “Cloud-Native and Verticals services” white-paper (follow-up of 2018 Cloud native transformation white paper, currently under consultation by the 5GPPP software Working Group) served as a catalyst by analyzing how 5G-PPP projects interprete cloud-native design patterns, and identifying their adoption barriers.


  • NGPaaS exhibition Booth  where we demonstrated a cloud-native framework for Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) where “separation of concerns” is realized between the “what” (the service delivered), the “how” (the platform delivering the service) and the “where” (the execution environment, be it software or hardware). Extensibility and flexibility are realized by means of reusable components covering a wide range of platform functionalities and execution environments (Kubernetes, OSM, CORD, Openstack…) while keeping complexity low by normalizing the full operational lifecycle to a common set of “root” processes. Building upon 5G Brooklyn Summit event, we demonstrated a 5G PaaS composed of: 1) a RAN PaaS made of a telco-grade private edge Kubernetes offering 4G RAN services, 2) a CORE PaaS made of a public cloud Kubernetes offering 5G CORE services, and 3) a Dev-for-Operations PaaS offering components and services updates in seconds.


  • Also, we demonstrated another use-case using another type of platform: CORD. NGPaaS provides a generic deployment and orchestration mechanism which is further customized by the service provider or operator to address any envisioned use-case, in this case a telco one. We have devised a modularized version of the Central Office Rearchitected as a Datacenter (CORD) platform as main component to manage the VNFs. To better support the telco-grade requirements, we have further enhanced the existing CORD implementation with additional monitoring, healing and alerting features. We also included the possibility to install custom network policies for the deployed services. The Telco PaaS results then in a combination of different components, each deployable by the NGPaaS Operations Support System (OSS). Once CORD and its ancillary services are set up by the OSS, the VNFs which implement the customer targeted services can be deployed through the same OSS