NGPaaS at EuCNC 2018


A lot of new results will be shown, presented and demonstrated at EUCNC this year!

  • Chairing Workshop (‘From cloud ready to cloud native: What it means and Why it matters) Chair, See
  • Release of the White Paper ‘Telco Cloud Native‘ that we are putting together in the 5G-PPP Software Network WG. The paper will be released during the workshop.
  • Two NGPaaS Talks/Presentations in Workshop on ‘Multi-provider, multi-vendor, multi-player orchestration: from distributed cloud to edge and fog environments in 5G’, see
    • Lionel Natarianni, Bessem Sayadi, ‘Recursive Orchestration for PoP Approach’
    • Billa Al-Jammal, Bessm Sayadi, ‘Telco Grade Mobile Edge Platform’
  • NGPaaS exhibition Booth  (The Next Generation Platform as a Service: A 5G Cloud Native Solution for Telco, IoT and Verticals), with demos of 3 different prototypes. One of the poster shown in the event is available here: EuCNC2018_CORD_NGPaaS.
  • NGPaaS is involved in the Special Session #5, 5G Architecture towards Verticals (session chairs – Nokia DE and Huawei DE) where BT will give a pitch.
  • 3 technical-papers accepted:
    • ‘Policy Framework for the Next Generation Platform as a Service’.
    • ‘A Performance Benchmarking Analysis of Hypervisors Containers and Unikernels on ARMv8 and X86 CPUs’.
    • ‘Dev-for-Ops and Multi-Sided Platform for Next Generation Platform as a Service’

We hope to see you in Ljubjana and tell more about NGPaaS!