The Sixth Annual Brooklyn 5G Summit held from April 23-26, 2019 in Brooklyn, NY. Nokia and the NYU WIRELESS research center at NYU Tandon School of Engineering are once again co-organizing this event, one of the most pre-eminent conferences on 5G, since its inception 6 years ago. 

The Summit built on the themes of the past five years, with a focus on the ‘First year of the 5G era’. This year’s summit was centered around an open conversation on the deployment experiences of 5G networks, and a discussion of key issues, including critical spectral and economic factors. The latest innovations in all domains, including 5G New Radio, Core and IoT technologies and network slicing is highlighted, as well as, emerging technologies such as machine learning, Terahertz communication, non-terrestrial networks, ultra-reliable low latency and private networks.

The summit discussed the most promising use cases in industrial and infrastructure automation and enhanced consumer experiences, with select industrial and start-up companies joining to share their work in these areas. In addition to presentations from leading experts and lively panel discussions, there will be exhibits and demonstrations of the most advanced 5G technologies.



NGPaaS Demonstration description:

The demo scenario starts with an emergency, such as a fire that requires close coordination between members of a fire-fighting team. NGPaaS deploys a dedicated mobile cellular network on the fire vehicle, along with services such as drone video surveillence and push-to-talk communications, that all meet mission-critical performance KPIs. Once the red emergency button was pushed, it took less than three minutes to complete deployment of the 5G system.

With PaaS’s recursive nature, service definitions can extend well beyond those for  connectivity and compute. For the demo, Nokia Bell Labs partnered with DroneHive, an innovative start-up dedicated to complete unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) automation. Their Hive system was developed to deploy and manage one or more drones without the need for a pilot, a more efficient way to use UAVs. This approach makes fully automated monitoring and reconnaissance missions possible for many emergency response scenarios. However, the power of NGPaaS is such that Hive is simply another platform that can be subsumed into the overall PaaS framework. Network, services and applications, all accommodated within a single framework!