NGPaaS will deliver innovative technologies enabling and accelerating the telco-grade PaaS transformation across the industry (operator, IoT/verticals and vendors), increasing the market scale and improving market economics.

In this respect, NGPaaS provides a new ecosystem and value chain and the opportunity for all players within it to collaborate and develop new business models they can each benefit from.

  • Mobile Network Operators (MNOs): can rapidly deploy new services for consumer and enterprise business segments which can help them differentiate their service portfolio, could increase their revenue by charging based on the virtualized resource usage (storage, network bandwidth, CPU, etc.) thanks to the new OSS model defined in NGPaaS.
  • Telecom Vendors: can easily deal with a large number of target production systems and can deliver an update or new release of its VNFs or components in a short time and benefit from any anomaly detection in real time. It allows also to position the telecom vendors in a market with a high potential of growth where large parts of the current VNF functionality are shifting to the platform layer, which is thus gaining in importance.
  • Vertical/IoT industries: have the chance to assess the effectiveness of 5G solutions designed to meet their requirements, and thus affect the development of 5G products tailored to their needs.
  • IT companies: it is likely the network softwarization will force IT companies to embrace a bigger role as software and application providers.
  • Software and application providers (SMEs): can serve the new ecosystem by developing and bringing to the market innovative services and network applications that can take advantage of the information on 5G network capabilities and conditions available at each node.

The application space is open to anyone: software and application providers, vertical, infrastructure vendors and MNOs.