Carrier-grade PaaS

Build Telco-grade PaaS: to support different configurations and a large set of deployment options such as FPGA/ARM/x86, private/public cloud in a scalable and unifying manner. These enhancements are categorised into four areas: the control, the orchestration, the virtualisation/acceleration and operational frameworks.

New Dev-for-Operations Model

New Dev-for-Operations model: to remove the vertical barriers that create isolated silos, not only between different teams of the same organisation or organisations of the same industry, but also between different industries (vendor, IoT/Vertical, operator).

Performance and quality

High quality and high performance development and operational environments: If we want developers from the IT industry to embark on the 5G platform, it is important to support tools for ensuring the same quality and SLA as the ones found in telecom environment.

Decentralized OSS/BSS model

Decentralized OSS/BSS model: for interfacing with cloud resources supporting the Telco-grade PaaS optimised for cost and performance in a highly dynamic environment.

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