Carrier-grade PaaS

Build Telco-grade PaaS: to support different configurations and a large set of deployment options such as FPGA/ARM/x86, private/public cloud in a scalable and unifying manner. These enhancements are categorised into four areas: the control, the orchestration, the virtualisation/acceleration and operational frameworks.

New DevOps Model

New Dev-for-Operations model: to remove silos not only between different teams of the same organisation, organisations of the same industry but also between different industries (vendor, IoT/Vertical, operator).

Performance and quality

High quality and high performance development and operational environments: to support tools for ensuring the same quality and SLA as the ones found in telecom environment.


Build new OSS/BSS model: to interface with the cloud resources supporting the Telco PaaS for optimising cost and performance in a highly dynamic environment.

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