Strong presence of NGPaaS in IEEE 5G World Forum, CA, USA

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NGPaaS has a strong presence in IEEE 5G World Forum 2018:

  • Exhibition Booth where we show two demos:
  • Organization and Chairing workshop ‘5G Cloud Native Design’. Two keynotes are invited: Bill Snow, Chief Development Officer with Open Networking Foundation talking about ‘ONF’s New Edge Cloud’ and Amina Boubendir, Project Manager, Orange Labs France talking about ‘Servicification of Telco-grade Network Architectures: Towards Openness and Zero-Touch Management’,
  • Presentation of three technical papers:
    • Steven Van Rossem et al. ‘A Vision for The Next Generation Platform-as-a-Service’
    • Bilal Al Jammal et al. ‘Re-factored Operational Support Systems for the Next Generation Platform-as-a-Service’
    • Amira Alloum et al. ‘Adaptive Multiplicity Codes based PIR Protocol for Multi-Cloud Platform Services’